Getting involved in Meditation


There really are so many reasons that more people should try meditation and although it can be somethin that somemay find hard to get into and process it really does provide so many different benefits to so many people.

Although it can take time to get the hang of it and years to really master, we have complied the following guide to get you going……..

1) Good Posture – It is always a good idea when meditating that you keep your spine upright and also the head is up. This will help to keep your mind focused and to concentrate

2) Open Eyes – It is said that it works better with open eyes with a soft gaze – this mainly that when you close your eyes you will probably be more likely to drift and lose focus

3) Focus – This means soft attention and an example of this is to focus on your breath

4) Breath – By really focusing on the breath for example this will help to anchor you in the present moment

5) Counting – Counting your out breaths can be a good way to stay focused do i.e count to 5 and then return to one each time

6) Thoughts – When you notice thoughts trying to creep in then go back to focusing on your breathing

7) Emotions – For some people it can be very difficult to meditate when they are running high on emotions whether this is anger, sadness etc. In this case you need to focus on what that emotion is causing ie tightness in the chest for example. This way helps to let the emotions out but at the same time helps the mind to re focus

8) Silence – You will find that many people will advise soft music in the background, but for most people that are intent on real meditation then silence really is golden

Stem Cells Breakthrough

stem cells

There has been a recent breakthrough in personalised medicine in Japan where scientists showed that stem cells can now me made quickly by simply dipping blood cells into acid. Stem cells can basically transform into any tissue and are already in the trial process for the eye, heart and the brain. The latest development which was only recently published could now effectively make the technology cheaper faster and also safer.

The thing with stem cells is that they have the ability to become any type of cell and this has now become a big field of research for the potential to possibly regenerate the body. A recnent study where an acid bath was used with shocking blood cells has shown that this could also trigger this transformation into stem cells. The main scientist involved in this research in Japan has stated that he was very surprised that cells could respond in this way and this offers a huge range of possibilities for future potential treatments etc.

Currently for age related macular degeneration which is the cause of sight loss, it now takes approximately 10 months to go from skin sample to therapy that can be injected into a patients eye and this is also a very expensive operation. If this new method were to prove successful ad become readily available then it is said that this could knock weeks off the time as well as being a lot cheaper.



Secrets of Tantric massage


The ancient Indian massage form, the Tantric massage has taken the massaging world by storm for its unique method and the higher amount of benefit that one can obtain. Tantric massage has a lot of depth in it unlike other forms and you need to know certain things before you go ahead with your decision to get a Tantric session.

With the given popularity of the Tantric massage you can get one anywhere near you. But when you are going to the session what would you get exactly? It is a very complex massage form to perform. Before you take a massage session for Tantric massage you should take note that the person is qualified enough to give you the best of Tantric massage or not. Tantric massage is sometimes included in erotic form of massages aand can become quite intimate.Though an erotic form, it is not an indecent form and is practised widely for a lot of different reasons.

Tantric form is known for the various benefits and effects it offers. You can feel relaxation and refreshment of a different level when with a sensual Tantric massage. It is also known to create and improve better bonding between partners, and if it is performed as by a couple, they can experience a positive impact on their relationship. Many physical problems are reduced or diminished with proper massage with accurate technique and any professional Tantric massager claim that you can cure premature ejaculation and other issues which can be great for relationships between partners.

It is certain if you get the taste of Tantric massage, you will surely forget the other forms of massage due to the great effect it can have. It is important though to Choose a good massage parlour and get ready to experience life pleasure like never before.

The Vitamin Drip


There is a new trend that has now worked its way to the UK from the US which is now being hailed as the new Botox. They are called drip spas and they are usually marketed as either bars, cafes or spas and is the latest new medical treatment that is starting to grow in popularity. It  basically consists of a lot of minerals and vitamins that re fed intravenously directly into the blood stream and it is generally not a cheap procedure and can cost upwards of £100 for a treatment.

So far in the UK they can be found in areas like London, Manchester and some other big cities in the UK but it looks like it could be something that catches on for those that a few pounds to spend on luxuries like this. It was originally developed as a way to help cancer patients that may be suffering from depleted levels of vitamins due to aggressive chem treatment but like mos things once it has been used and endorsed by some celebrities the popularity tends to skyrocket!

As usual however some health experts are very sceptical of such treatments and do not see amazing health benefits with some stating that other than rehydration there really doesnt appear to be any major health advantages for such treatments. There are of course also some potential complications to such procedures which could be the potential risk of infections with anything that is done intravenously and also if doses are not totally accurate this could also cause issues for some major organs such as the liver and kidneys and therefore there are definitely also some potenital drawbacks and dangers to such treatments.

Review Sites for massage therapy


Massage is something whose achievement cannot possibly be described in simple words. If it cannot be properly described, then how are you supposed to choose between two different parlours and between two different forms. Moreover if the description of a particular form is described to you how you are supposed to understand what will be the effect of the particular procedure. The best way to choose between different forms and different countries is to go through various review sites to get the best idea.

With the availability of the internet and increased amount of various utility sites, internet can be used in a lot more useful way than you can imagine. When looking to find the best Tantric massage London for example some of the ways you can use these review sites and some of the reasons you can trust these sites are:

  • In case of an advertisement, the companies and parlors themselves describe the service in such a way that more consumers are attracted. In most cases, you may not experience exactly the same service that you thought you would get. On the review sites, you get information about the same thing from a person who has nothing to do with the massage parlour but is simply sharing his experience for the benefit of others.
  • You can not only know about the parlour but also about the different types of massages. Why should you try something without knowing it properly. Reading out technical information regarding how it works is simply useless. The way out is searching for reviews about that particular type. Going through numerous reviews might help you understand how the massage might feel if you decide to take it.

It is important to know exactly the benefits and importance of the massage whether it be a sensual tantric massage or a sexy nuru massage so that you can predict your experience with the reviews you read, if you find that pleasing, go ahead and get some much needed relaxation.

Tantric Massage to aid relaxation


The ritual of Tantric massage and its usefulness dates back to centuries ago and it continues to be an important healing technique. The main benefits of the Tantric massage lies in releasing the natural inner energy which contrasts with the emotional as well as physical pains. Apart from the massage therapy, the Tantric method deals with many other aspects such as, Tantric Yoga, meditation, Tantric sex.

The Tantra massage has many advantages which helps the person to relax and get rid of various physical along with mental anxieties too. It helps to relax the person suffering from tension and stress. The therapy also helps to relieve those people who are having sexual problems. We all know the importance of the sexual energy and if we carefully think about it in a good sense then the sexual energy is the real life force energy for us.

The married couples can try to learn some of the basic Tantric massage in order to have a healthy sex life. People can also hire a professional Tantric massage therapist in order to enjoy the massage. This unique massage helps to relax the body as well as the mind to a greater extent. There are few of us who choose to waste lump sum amount for a costly vacation or a luxurious tour but a Tantric Massage is one of the ideal way to find peace and relax the human mind and body.

If you have tried the other possible ways for relieving yourself but yet you are not satisfied and still searching for peace, then one can definitely try a Tantric Massage in London and see how this helps for relaxarion and general well being!